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Pastor Gracewin Relationship Podcast (தமிழ்)

God created man for relationships and therefore desires for us develop healthy relationships and flourish in them. In this series of messages Pastor Gracewin helps you to achieve this very thing with practical truths from the Bible and cause you to enjoy life to the core.

Wed, Sep 13 2023

T25 | ஒரு ஆணும் ஒரு பெண்ணும் வெறும் நெருங்கிய சிநேகிதர்களாய் இருக்க கூடுமா? | @pastorgracewintamil ​

#pastorgracewin #pastorgracewinpodcast #relationshippodcast
A wrong answer to this question has terrible ramifications! So get the right perspective from the word' wisdom and be enlightened!

Tue, Aug 29 2023

E24 | “God told me to marry you” IS THIS LEGIT? | @pastorgracewin

#pastorgracewin #pastorgracewinpodcast #relationshippodcast

Wed, Aug 16 2023

T23 | "ஜோடி பொருத்தம்" ஒரு கட்டு கதை | Tamil | @pastorgracewintamil ​

Pastor Gracewin's Relationship Podcast debunks the Perfect Match Myth with three transformative truths. Choose a partner who fits well instead of seeking perfection. Value shared beliefs over just looks. Focus on growing personally instead of expecting too much from your partner.
#pastorgracewin #pastorgracewinpodcast #relationshippodcast

Fri, Jul 28 2023

T22 | முதல் காதல்தான் மெய் காதலா? | Tamil | @pastorgracewintamil ​

#pastorgracewin #pastorgracewinpodcast #relationshippodcast
In this podcast, Pastor Gracewin addresses the misconception that one's first love is their true love. It's a thought-provoking teaching you don't want to miss.

Fri, Jul 07 2023

T21 | திருமணத்திற்கு முன்பு இணைந்து வாழ்வதில் தீமையான விளைவுகள் | Tamil | @pastorgracewintamil ​

#pastorgracewin #pastorgracewinpodcast #relationshippodcast
Cohabitation or living together before marriage is not such idea as it is portrayed by it. The Scriptures and statistics go against it. Check it out in this episode from Pastor Gracewin.

Fri, Jun 23 2023

T20 | திருமணத்திற்கு முன்பு ஒன்றாக இணைந்து வாழ்வதா? | Tamil | @pastorgracewintamil ​

#pastorgracewin #pastorgracewinpodcast #relationshippodcast
Majority of the world today says that it is ok to live together before marriage. But is it truly okay? What does God who instituted the covenant of marriage have to say about this in His word? Let's find out in the episode.

Fri, Jun 02 2023

T19 | சிறந்த கணவராகும்படி தயாராகுங்கள் | Tamil | @pastorgracewintamil ​

#pastorgracewin #pastorgracewinpodcast #relationshippodcast
In this new podcast, Pastor Gracewin shares invaluable insights and practical advice on how to prepare yourself to become an excellent husband.

Fri, May 26 2023

T18 | ஒரு சிறந்த மனைவியாய் விளங்குவது எப்படி?| Tamil | @pastorgracewintamil ​

#pastorgracewin #pastorgracewinpodcast #relationshippodcast
It's one thing to be a good wife but it's another thing to be a great wife. Learn 3 powerful secrets to be an exceptional wife who is a great blessing to her husband.

Fri, May 19 2023

T17 | 4 Secrets to be an Attractive Single | Tamil | @pastorgracewintamil ​

#pastorgracewin #pastorgracewinpodcast #relationshippodcast
From a Christian perspective, attractiveness goes beyond mere physical appearance and encompasses qualities that reflect God's character and values. Here are four secrets to being an attractive single from Pastor Gracewin.

Fri, May 12 2023

T16 | Break-upக்கு பிறகு திருப்பி கட்டுதல் | Tamil | @pastorgracewin

#pastorgracewin #pastorgracewinpodcast #relationshippodcast
Going through a painful break-up can feel overwhelming and unbearable, but there is hope for healing and restoration. The process may take time, as the heart needs to mend and recover from the emotional pain. Listen to Pastor Gracewin as he explains and provides practical steps for your restoration.

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