Pastor Gracewin Podcast (Tamil)

God created man for relationships and therefore desires for us develop healthy relationships and flourish in them. In this series of messages Pastor Gracewin helps you to achieve this very thing with practical truths from the Bible and cause you to enjoy life to the core.

Fri, Dec 02 2022

#097 - God Our Loving Mother | Pastor Gracewin | Tamil

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Can Father God love us like a mother? Yes indeed. He does. His love is a nourishing motherly love that never forsakes the child. Learn an absolutely beautiful truth in this episode. God bless you!

Fri, Nov 25 2022

#096 - The Father Who Fixes Everything | Pastor Gracewin | Tamil

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Did you know that God will never condemn you, reject you or disown you when you get caught in a situation by your own fault? On the contrary He will look for a way to  fix the situation and work it for good because He is a good Father. Lean in and listen. Be blessed!

Fri, Nov 18 2022

#095 - The Father's Love that does not give up | Pastor Gracewin | Tamil

#pastorgracewin #pastorgracewinpodcast #tamilpodcast Did to know that the very first time love is mentioned in the Bible it is the love of the Father? Because it is the Father's love that brings strength, security and solidarity in one's life. Get more on this in this new Episode.

Fri, Nov 11 2022

#094 - Why did Jesus weep? | Pastor Gracewin | Tamil

Did you know that the shortest verse in the Bible could be carrying the deepest of all revelations of God's love? Learn more in this podcast by Pastor Gracewin and be blessed!

Fri, Nov 04 2022

#093 - Peter Vs John | Pastor Gracewin | Tamil

John and Peter were different in this one aspect which set them apart and impacted them differently. Learn about this truth and more in this episode.

Fri, Oct 28 2022

#092 - Boast in His Love for you | Pastor Gracewin | Tamil

Do not focus on your love for God but on His love for you. This will feed your devotion and cause you live satisfied and steady in your walk with God. Listen to this amazing truth in this new episode.

Fri, Oct 21 2022

#091 - You are in the "Beloved" | Pastor Gracewin | Tamil

#pastorgracewin #pastorgracewinpodcast #tamilpodcast  Did you know that God loves you as much as He loves Jesus Christ His son? Knowing this truth will what give you true security and real peace. Enjoy the podcast. God bless you!

Tue, Oct 18 2022

#090 - Make it Personal | Pastor Gracewin | Tamil

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Here is one of the most powerful keys to experiencing the love of God in an extravagant way: make it personal to you. Learn more in this amazing podcast.

Fri, Oct 07 2022

#089 - The Amazing Love Story of Hosea & Gomer | Pastor Gracewin | Tamil

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This story is so full of God's love that we ought to dig into it and bask in the heart warming truths. So get ready for a ride into God's astonishing love yet again!

Fri, Sep 30 2022

#089 - The Sure Proof of God's Love | Pastor Gracewin | Tamil

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Wouldn't it be wonderful to have an unshakable proof of God's love available to us? Well there sure is one! Learn about it in this episode.