by Pastor Gracewin

God created man for relationships and therefore desires for us develop healthy relationships and flourish in them. In this series of messages Pastor Gracewin helps you to achieve this very thing with practical truths from the Bible and cause you to enjoy life to the core.

Fri, Nov 26 2021

A Woman's Insight and Discernment (THE COMPLETE WOMAN -12) - Tamil

An important aspect of the woman’s makeup and thinking process is that they have a powerful Insight and a strong sense of discernment. When the husband recognizes it and the wife flows in it good things begin to happen.

Fri, Nov 19 2021

A Balance in Communication (THE COMPLETE WOMAN -11) - Tamil

The male and the female have different communication styles. But it is for a mutual benefit that this is so. Learn how to bring a balance in the different styles and experience peace in your relationships. God bless you.

Fri, Nov 12 2021

Emotional Feeler Vs. Logical Thinker (THE COMPLETE WOMAN -10) - Tamil

Understanding the difference in the communication styles between men and women is vital to seeing our martial relationships flourish. Learn about a major difference in this episode

Fri, Nov 05 2021


Did you know that the nature of a woman as an incubator is not limited to her conceiving and bearing children? It nature permeates her entire being; in essence she has many more wombs added to her physical womb. Learn this and more in today's episode.

Fri, Oct 29 2021

A Woman is An Incubator and A Life-giver - (THE COMPLETE WOMAN -8) - Tamil

Adam named his wife Eve because she was created to be a life-giver and an incubator. Anything you give her, She will receive it, protect it, multiply it, give it new life and then give it back to you better and bigger. Lean and listen. You will be greatly enlightened!

Fri, Oct 22 2021

A Woman is a Reflector - (THE COMPLETE WOMAN -7) - Tamil

If you don't like what you see, change what you show - women are reflectors. They will reflect the love or the lack of it and the nature of the man they are married to. Lean in and listen! You'll be blessed beyond measure.

Fri, Oct 15 2021

4 Attributes of the Woman as An Enhancer - (THE COMPLETE WOMAN -6) - Tamil

The woman is an enhancer! That's how God has created her to be. In order to fulfill this purpose she displays a few attributes that are special to her. Lean and listen. Get a new perspective

Fri, Oct 08 2021


The wife is not to submit to their husbands because he says so or because society says so. It is the good purpose of God on their lives and it is to their advantage. Lean and listen. Be blessed more

Fri, Oct 01 2021

The curse on women is broken (THE COMPLETE WOMAN -4) - Tamil

If you listened to this podcast and prayed the salvation prayer, Call / Text Pastor Gracewin @ +91 9008904795 to find out what's next.

Fri, Sep 24 2021

Women are created for Love (THE COMPLETE WOMAN -3) - Tamil

Women were created for a beautiful reason: for love. When they receive true love they will respond with grace. It's the fuel of their souls to function in their best capacity possible. Lean and listen. Learn more in this episode.