by Pastor Gracewin

God created man for relationships and therefore desires for us develop healthy relationships and flourish in them. In this series of messages Pastor Gracewin helps you to achieve this very thing with practical truths from the Bible and cause you to enjoy life to the core.

Fri, May 20 2022

#071 - No Trying Before Buying (Love, Sex and Lust.12)

The shopping tip "Try it before you buy it" doesn't work when it comes to sex. Sex belongs in marriage and until you marry the person you don't get to be intimate with them. Learn more in this episode.

Fri, May 13 2022

#070 - Why you should wait until marriage to have sex (Love, Sex and Lust.11)

God wants us to pursue purity and keep our virginity for our wedding night because He is good and desires for us to have the best marriage possible. Learn more and be blessed with this teaching.

Fri, May 06 2022

#069 - 9 Differences between Love and Lust (Love, Sex and Lust.10)

Learning these 9 differences between love and lust will help us not be deceived into unhealthy relationships and also keep our hearts checked as we aim to be people of love and not driven by lust at any time. Lean in and listen. You're going to be amazingly blessed!

Fri, Apr 29 2022

#068 - Lust Hurts but Love Heals (Love, Sex and Lust.9)

Lust is selfish. It centers around the self and their demand to have their need of pleasure met without any regard to the other person. Lust uses the other person and discards them leaving hurt and pain. But love heals and restores you. Lean in and listen. You're sure to be blessed!

Fri, Apr 22 2022

#067 - Lust forces sex. Love initiates marriage (Love, Sex and Lust.8)

One of the most clear differences between love and lust is the fact that lust does not wait; it causes one to act hastily. But love is patient. Love will wait till marriage for sex; it works towards marriage. Lean in and listen and be blessed thoroughly.

Fri, Apr 08 2022

#066 - Lust seeks isolation and secrecy (Love, Sex and Lust.7)

If you want to live in purity, you need a community to fellowship. You cannot pursue love and holiness in isolatiin. But lust seeks isolation and secrecy. Its an important teaching. Lean in, listen and be blessed!

Fri, Apr 01 2022

#065 - LUST THRIVES ON BAD FRIENDS (Love, Sex and Lust.6)

Love enjoys good friendships and godly fellowship. But lust prefers flatterers and bad company. The secret to winning over lust is to cultivate Godly relationships. Lean in and listen. You will be blessed!

Fri, Mar 25 2022

#064 - Lust is love outside of God's principles (Love, Sex and Lust.5)

Love is passion within the principles of God and it nourishes the person. But lust is passion outside of the principles of God and it has destruction written all over it. Lean in and listen as Pastor Gracewin helps you understand more on these lines.

Fri, Mar 18 2022

#063 - Sometimes lust seems like love (Love, Sex and Lust.4)

Sometimes lust and love looks alike. They can feel the same like water and alcohol but you don't have to taste them to see which is which - you just have to sniff it. Learn how to receive this "discernment" in this episode.

Fri, Mar 11 2022

#062 - Love Gives, Lust Grasps (Love, Sex and Lust.3)

This is a very important difference between love and lust. Understanding this truth will not only cause us to escape from deceptions and give way to true love but also operate in true love