by Pastor Gracewin

God created man for relationships and therefore desires for us develop healthy relationships and flourish in them. In this series of messages Pastor Gracewin helps you to achieve this very thing with practical truths from the Bible and cause you to enjoy life to the core.

Fri, Jul 23 2021

The Real Man is a Teacher - How to Teach Your Children (THE REAL MAN -7) - Tamil

Right from the beginning of times, God set the precedent for the male to be the primary teacher of the family. There are specific ways how he can teach effectively and one way is to model it out. Learn more in this episode.

Fri, Jul 16 2021

A Real Man is a Teacher - He knows the word and teaches it (THE REAL MAN -6) - Tamil

Teaching is in the nature of man. He is created to teach his household the ways of God. This is why it is imperative that he learns the word Himself and practices it to fulfill His calling in life. Learn more about this truth in this episode

Fri, Jul 09 2021

The Real Man is a protector: He protects everything under his care (THE REAL MAN -5) - Tamil

When God told Adam to take care of the Garden, He was telling him ―I put you in the Garden to protect it —including the animals, the plants, and the woman I will create. He is a protector. Learn more on this important truth in this episode

Fri, Jul 02 2021

A Real Man is a Cultivator - He brings out the best in everything (THE REAL MAN -4) - Tamil

The nature of the work the male was given to do was not mindless labor—it was cultivation.
To cultivate means to make something grow and produce a greater yield.
To cultivate means to multiply, make fruitful, make better. We will learn this very truth in this episode.

Fri, Jun 25 2021

A Real Man loves to Work (THE REAL MAN -3) - Tamil

Before God gave man a woman, He gave him work. The principle applies to all of men today. A real man finds something to do and makes himself fit in his work before he builds his family. Discover this truth in this episode and be enlightenment today.

Fri, Jun 18 2021

A Real Man Is a worshipper: He loves the presence of God: (THE REAL MAN -2) - Tamil

If we want to learn what it means to be a real man, we ought to go back to God's principles in the story of beginnings and find out what He instituted in the first man. In this episode we learn how the garden of Eden is connected to the real man.

Fri, Jun 11 2021

The male is the foundation of the human family - THE REAL MAN (1) - Tamil

When God made the male first, He wasn’t saying that the male is more important than the female. He was saying that the male has a specific responsibility. He has a purpose to fulfil which is to be a foundation for the human family. Lean and learn more of this truth in this episode in our new series

Fri, Jun 04 2021


One of the most important keys to seeing God's divine connections in your life is to go out of your way to sow a seed of kindness into someone who has a need and be a divine connection to them. When you do that, God who sees you will cause you to meet your divine connections at the right time.

Fri, May 28 2021

Be kind and Treat everyone with Courtesy (DIVINE CONNECTIONS.4) - Tamil

A gatekeeper is someone God has ordained to open a door for you. They are linked to your destiny.
But the problem is we fail to recognize them and hence we are rude to them or disregard them because they seem insignificant and unimportant. In this episode you will hear Pastor Gracewin to teach on the importance of treating every person with respect and honor.

Fri, May 21 2021

Quit hanging around with the wrong people (DIVINE CONNECTIONS.3) - Tamil

Did you know that you could miss God's divine connections in your life by hanging around with wrong people? Learn this eye opening truth in this episode